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Derek & John - Psychic Breakfast ShowDerek and John have been friends since they were teenagers. As their paths took different twists and turns over the many years since, they have remained firm friends and kept in regular contact.

This is one of those friendships where you can go a fair while without seeing each other, but when you meet, it’s as if you had never left each other’s company.

But not everything about those twists and turns over the years was different between them. One thing they had in common, which neither realised till many years later, was an interest in spirituality. When they were younger, it just wasn’t something they had spoken about.

Enter a random conversation, now many years ago, where they suddenly discovered after all that time, they had a mutual interest that had until then remained unexplored. After that, they rarely saw each other without it coming up one way or another, often in the form of shared tarot readings, where they drew a few cards for each other, curious as to what might come up.

Derek was at this time already exploring his psychic abilities, and it wasn’t long before “A Happy Medium” was born. John waited a few more years before serious exploration of his talent for tarot and started up as “John’s Oracle” just a few years ago.

What many think of as psychic ability is really only an intuitive extension of the natural five senses most of us share. Between them, Derek and John share a vast experience of life and spirituality, as well as a talent for the exploration of this intuitive extension, the clear (or psychic) senses.

The Psychic Breakfast Show seeks to bring to you this shared experience.

Intuitive life Coach Derek McGillivray does shows, phone/Skype/Zoom sessions house parties, workshops, past life regression and is a healer with many other related skills.
Derek’s website: A Happy Medium and Facebook

Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach John McVey does phone/Skype intuitive and tarot coaching sessions, tarot readings by email and MP3 and sells tarot cards and products online from his Etsy shop.
John’s Website: John’s Oracle and Facebook

We both hope you enjoy your visits here and come back often.
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Thanks, your friends,
Derek and John.

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